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Advisor:- Sukh Samriddhi
Definition of “Advisor”
Sukh Samriddhi Credit Cooperative Society advisor is a mediator (between Society and Members) who helps the member to understand the different products & plans of the society. Basically advisor is like a bridge between member and society, Advisor maintain contact and friendly relationships with members and resolve members problems, confusion and complains related to society products, advisor continuously update regular and new product knowledge to members.
Eligibility for “Sukh Samriddhi Advisor”
Any adult person can be a Sukh Samriddhi Advisor who is having well state of mind and a resident of Jaipur and is interested to selling investment Products, meetings with new people, believe in maintaining warm relationship with members, ready to accept challenges and believe in hard work and sincere efforts and flair for marketing.
Required is:-
1. Minimum age is 18 year.
2. Government or Private Employed / Self-Employed / Retired for any government and private organization and other career persons.
1. Attractive increasing commission structure
2. Life time career opportunity
3. Promotion Cycle – As per Circular
How to Become Sukh Samriddhi Advisor?
If you are interested to become a part of “Sukh Samriddhi -Parivar” as Advisor than first all collect Advisor Application Form to our nearest branch of such Samriddhi, before submitting this form in branch fulfill and attach required id proof and document with this form, society approved and accept your Application form after completely check all details and documents verification.
Required Document
1. Two passport size photo.
2. Two Photo verification ID proof (Passport , PAN card, Voter ID Card, Driving License, Adhaar Card).
3. Two Address verification ID proof (Passport, Driving License, Ration Card, Electricity bill, Telephone bill).
1. Only members can use our products.
2. If any person interested in our society product the membership is compulsory..
3. KYM (Know Your Members) documents are compulsory for membership.
4. Rules and Regulations are similar for every member.
Terms & Conditions for Associates
1. Each and Every Agency Holder, who starts his /her business with our society, will be always considered as commission agent only, not employee of the society.
2. Society reserves all the rights to recruit, promote or terminate any agency holder at any post.
3. Single Agency Code will be provided to an Agency holder.
4. All agency holders have to maintain privacy of society’s strategy and will utilize only for society’s development.
5. Any agency holder is neither allowed to sign any kind of agreement with any customer nor do false commitment with any customer. If anyone does so, then he/she will be himself/herself responsible for that kind of illegal work and his agency code will be terminated with immediate effect.
6. Any amount collected from any customer will be purely on agency holder’s risk unless it is deposited to our Branch and printed receipt is taken. Any amount taken from the customer on behalf of his/her policy/loan should be deposited in branch till policy’s due date. If agency holder keeps that amount with him/her, then penalty will be charged from agency holder.
7. Any agency holder will have to ensure that he/she or his/her team will maintain discipline in the society premises as well as with customers.
8. If any agency holder joins another society of similar business, then his/her agency code will be terminated with immediate effect.
9. All agency holders should have to avoid irregularity/pre-maturity of any product; if it happens then society will deduct/recover the amount of commission and rewards from agency holder’s a/c, which paid earlier to him for that product.
10. In case any agency holder found doing any type of misconduct, dishonesty or fraud with society as well as any customer, then his/her agency will be terminated with immediate effect.
11. Each and Every agency holder will be liable for statutory tax obligations levied from time to time by Govt. agencies. Commission will be paid monthly by 10th of next month after deducting TDS or any other applicable taxes.
12. Also a 10% amount will be deducted from each and every Associate’s each month’s commission as Security Deposit. Security Deposit amount will be refunded after deducting dues of any product’s collection amount, which was taken from the customer and not deposited in society office. But in the case of any type of misconduct, dishonesty or fraud with society as well as any customer, then whole commission, rewards and security deposit will be forfeited and his/her agency will be terminated with immediate effect.
13. Society reserves all the rights to make changes in all kinds of policies, business promotion targets etc.
14. This commission chart and business promotion target chart is only for agency holders and not to be disclosed to any customer as well as at any public place.
15. All subjects to Jaipur Jurisdiction only.