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Mission:- Sukh Samriddhi
➤ Linking the promotion of sustainable livelihoods with income-generation activities for the community
➤ Ensure that all members follow the democratic way of making policies and electing representatives and have an equal voice
➤ Ensure that all profits are controlled democratically by members and for their benefit
➤ Enhance accessibility of financial services
➤ Inculcate good habits of savings in the cooperative members
➤ Focus on poor, low income and deprived people of the community, especially women who have no accessibility to any financial institutions
➤ Provide opportunities to people to organize services collectively by pooling their resources without depending upon the government or other agencies
➤ Seek active participation of all members without any kind of social, racial, political, gender or religious discrimination
➤ Provide education, training and information to develop their members as well as their staff
➤ Enhance women’s participation and decision in policy making-processes at all levels