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Personal loan:- Sukh Samriddhi
An amount given to an individual to use for personal benefit (Medical, education, vacation, extension & repair of house hold etc. That must be paid off at a specific time.
➤ Financing to individual for personal benefit.
➤ Attractive Rates.
➤ No collateral required.
➤ Loan size of RS. 10,000 to 15 lakh.
➤ Flexible Tenor up to 5 years.
➤ Equal monthly instalment.
➤ Part payment facility available.
➤ Excellent member service and assistance.
➤ Having Provision of insurance premium.
➤ Borrower’s household annual income should be documented.
➤ Age should be 21-55 yrs at the time of loan application.
➤ Borrower should have phone contact ability.
➤ End use should be valid and legal purpose.
➤ Loan Emi should be valid and legal purpose.
➤ Loan EMI should not exceed 1/3 of the monthly income.
➤ Guarantor is mandatory if member not having any assests equal to loan amount.